Dedication Ceremony

Your Destination Funeral begins with the ceremonial dedication of your reef monument in our Undersea Memorial Garden.  You may choose to view this ceremony from a charter boat where you can place flowers near the dedication site.

 Following the Dedication Ceremony, we invite you to the Celebration of Life where we honor the departed and the gift they are giving to the world. This beachside gathering is an opportunity for loved ones to come together and pay tribute to those who have passed while enjoying regional cuisine and breathtaking seaside views.

 Though the celebration day will come to an end, your connection with the reef and the memorial will not. With GPS coordinates you will be able to visit the Memorial Reef any time you want.  A marine-grade bronze plaque will be on your loved one’s monument, ensuring it is easily found in future visits. Additionally, you and your family will receive regular updates on the rejuvenation of your reef memorial via social media.

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