Reef Memorials and Prices

Our Reef Memorials are available in three sizes; Personal, Couples, and Family, with our largest capable of holding up to four sets of cremains. When a Reef Ball is purchased, the cremains of the deceased are mixed with concrete and cemented within the ball.

Purchasing our memorials as a component of end-of-life planning allows you and your loved ones to witness the captivating development of the mini-ecosystem where you will one day begin your eternal voyage. 

As a company committed to making positive environmental and sociological impacts, our goals go beyond providing an alternative to traditional burial. Creation of artificial reefs in areas most effected by the global climate crisis is a priority that we seek to share with the general public, not just those who are experiencing loss. It is up to us as global citizens to take initiative today and shape a world that future generations will thrive in tomorrow.

In addition to our Memorial offerings, we give you the opportunity to purchase a Reef Ball or custom plaque simply to honor your dedication and love for the worlds oceans.

Financing is available to those who qualify. Contact us for more details.

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Reef Ball Memorials

When deciding on the right memorial for you or your loved one, many factors come into play. Family wishes, finances, and personal desires often influence this choice, and our product specialists are happy to assist you in choosing a memorial that is tailored to manifest your ideal ocean legacy.

Personal Memorial  Starting at $5,995

  • Capable of holding up to one set of remains.
  • This Reef Ball measures 3 feet across and 2 feet tall.

Couples Memorial  Starting at $7,995

  • Capable of holding up to two sets of remains.
  • This Reef Ball measures 4 feet across and 2.9 feet tall.

Family Memorial    Starting at $9,995

  • Capable of holding up to four sets of remains.
  • This Reef Ball measures 6 feet across and 3.8 feet tall.
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Additional Offerings

Memorial Plaques $995

Memorial Reefs International recognizes the financial constraints that often surround fulfilling the parting wishes of loved ones, so we provide a more economical option to our beloved Reef Ball offerings. We cast specific Reef Balls designed to hold multiple memorial plaques. Your personalized plaque can be placed on the ball, and the cremains of your loved one reverently spread over it during the Anchoring Ceremony. We encourage those interested in this service to place your plaque today and plan for a future spreading of your or a family member’s ashes when the time comes.

Custom Memorial (price varies)

We pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients with a memorial experience that respects the individual wishes of the deceased and their loved ones. For some, this will mean designing a custom memorial that tells a more complete story about the life and legacy of those involved. Talk to one of our sales representatives to learn how we can tailor the designs of our memorials to your particular needs.

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