Memorial Reefs are a final resting place in the ocean for your loved one.

Your memorial helps rejuvenate the world’s oceans – whether that be with or without cremated remains.

There’s no time pressure. You dedicate a Memorial when the time is right for you- whether that’s months, years, or decades after a loved one has passed.

The bronze or ceramic plaque on your reef, as well as its GPS location make it easy to identify upon return trips, or for friends and family visiting for the first time.

Any of our dozens of worldwide locations are sure to pique your interest. From Sarasota, Florida to Venice, Italy, we mean it when we say international.

Family imprinting handprints into a mixture of cremains and concrete

Photos by: ReefBall Foundation

Memorial Reefs are an ecological alternative to traditional burial.

When you choose a Memorial Reef, you're not just creating a lasting memorial; you're also contributing to the preservation and rejuvenation of our precious oceans.

These beautiful undersea memorials provide a unique opportunity for your legacy to live on through the growth of vibrant coral reefs, fostering new marine life and enhancing the health of our seas.

At our worldwide locations, we make it our mission to ensure that your memorial ceremony is a deeply meaningful and uplifting experience.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us today to start planning a beautiful and sustainable tribute that will make a positive lasting impact on both your loved one's memory, and the environment.

left - diver visiting a reef memorial. right - reef memorial with moderate coral growth

Photos by: ReefBall Foundation


Reefs Around The World

We’re building new memorial reefs in beautiful spots all around the world. We choose locations that will benefit greatly from the restoration of coral reefs and marine ecosystems, including:

Florida / Texas / New Jersey / La Paz / Merida / Cozumel / British Columbia / Ontario / Venice / North Carolina