Memorial Reefs are a final resting place in the ocean for your loved one.

We create and place Memorial Reefs containing cremated remains. People love these memorials because:

  • They offer a cost effective alternative to simply spreading ashes
  • The loss of your loved one helps rejuvenate the world’s oceans
  • There’s no time pressure. You can create the memorial any time after cremation.
  • We attach a marine-grade bronze plaque on your memorial
Family imprinting handprints into a mixture of cremains and concrete

Photos by: ReefBall Foundation

Memorial Reefs are an ecological alternative to traditional burial.

Destination funerals: Memorial Reefs International will take you and your family out to sea for the dedication and placement of the Memorial Reef.

We give you a set of GPS coordinates to visit the reef whenever you want. These reefs are absolutely open to visit, and you can dive down and see them. We only ask that you don’t damage the newly developing reef while you’re there!

left - diver visiting a reef memorial. right - reef memorial with moderate coral growth

Photos by: ReefBall Foundation


Reefs in multiple locations around the world

We’re building new memorial reefs in beautiful spots all around the world. We choose locations that will benefit greatly from the restoration of coral reefs, including:

Florida / Texas / New Jersey / Baja / Merida / Cozumel / British Columbia / Ontario / Venice

And over a dozen locations worldwide.

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