Memorial Reefs are an ecological alternative to traditional burial

Memorial Reefs International helps support the marine environment all around the world, by building underwater memorials for your loved ones.

The textured surface attracts coral polyps, and the hollow interior provides shelter for marine organisms.

Your memorial reef contains the cremated remains of your loved ones. You can place a bronze plaque with the family member’s name, lifespan, and other information onto the front of the reef memorial.

family member beside reef memorial

You can visit your memorial reef at any time.

Every reef has a set of GPS coordinates, so you can visit whenever you want to.

Some families visit the reef location year after year to honor the deceased person.

Your reef memorial helps restore the world’s oceans.

Each memorial added to the reefs is one step toward the restoration of Earth's oceans. The extra surface area strengthens and expands coral reefs, which are a desperately needed component of the marine ecosystem.

Photos by: ReefBall Foundation

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is this better than burial?
A: Death does not have to be final, your loved one’s cremated remains in a Memorial Reef will be promoting new Marine life. You are creating life from death. Memorial Reefs are an excellent alternative to burial for cremated remains because it opens up even more beautiful locations to make one's final resting place.

Q: Do I have to be cremated?
A: Yes, an individual must be cremated to be added to a Memorial Reef. We can also place a Memorial Reef without cremated remains for the same cost.

Q: Can I add to the Memorial Reef after placement in the ocean?
A: No. A Memorial Reef has all the cremated remains added at one time during the Jewel making ceremony which takes place before the Memorial Reef is placed in the ocean. Once placed on the ocean floor we will not move or manipulate the Memorial Reef in order to keep the integrity of the growing reef. If you would like to add to the Memorial Reef you will be able to do so during the Jewel making ceremony. Feel free to bring small personal items that do not contain plastic that can be affixed into the base around the jewel.

Q: Can I finance/afford a Memorial Reef?
A: There are many options to finance the Memorial Reef of your dreams. We would be happy to discuss payment plans with you.

Q: Why should I be interested in this unique memorial?
A: A Memorial Reef is an ideal final resting place for any individual who loves the ocean, wants to restore our seas, or simply wants a memorable and spectacular memorial.

Q: What is the Memorial Reef made out of?
A: Memorial Reefs are cast with concrete that has the same pH balance of the ocean, with no rebar to ensure the stability and lifetime of the Memorial. Rebar decays much faster than concrete, and leeches unwanted minerals into the ocean.

Q: Can I get my pet interred with me?
A: Yes you can. Smaller pets such as dogs, birds, cats, etc can have their cremated remains added to yours IF both sets of cremated remains are added in one ceremony. The cremated remains of larger animals such as horses may not fit in their entirety in our smaller Memorial Reefs. 5-8 pounds of cremated remains is our limit. You can also dedicate a Memorial Reef for your pet during your lifetime. Click "Pet Reefs" in the drop down menu to learn more.

Q: What is The Jewel?
A: The Jewel will become the core of the Memorial Reef and contains the cremated remains. It will be affixed to a concrete base in the center of the artificial reef structure.

Q: What happens during the Jewel making ceremony?
A: Customers who have purchased a Memorial Gathering package are invited to attend the Jewel making ceremony. Your loved one’s cremated remains are mixed with our pH balanced concrete mix, and placed in a mold. Once the Jewel has cured, it is affixed to the inside of the Memorial Reef. Family participation is encouraged.