Memorial Reefs are an ecological alternative to traditional burial

Memorial Reefs International helps support the marine environment all around the world, by building underwater memorials for your loved ones.

The textured surface attracts coral polyps, and the hollow interior provides shelter for marine organisms.

Your memorial reef contains the cremated remains of your loved ones. You can place a bronze plaque with the family member’s name, lifespan, and other information onto the front of the reef memorial.

family member beside reef memorial

You can visit your memorial reef at any time.

Every reef has a set of GPS coordinates, so you can visit whenever you want to.

Memorial Reefs International also sets up “destination funerals” if you want us to take care of the accommodations, chartered boat, food, and so on. Some families visit the burial location year after year to honor the deceased person.

Your reef memorial helps restore the world’s oceans.

Each memorial added to the reefs is one step toward the restoration of Earth's oceans. The extra surface area strengthens and expands coral reefs, which are a desperately needed component of the marine ecosystem.

Photos by: ReefBall Foundation

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Q: Why do people choose the Memorial Reef program?
A: Some individuals are not able to travel or afford a full Remembrance Gathering package. the Memorial Reef program resolves both of these issues.

2) Q: Where is the Memorial Reef program available?
A: The Memorial Reef program is available at all Memorial Reefs International locations.

3) Q: Why is the Memorial Reef program cheaper than other options?
A: The Memorial Reef program does not include a jewel making ceremony, nor does it include the celebration dinner or the view- ing boat participation.