We provide families and their loved ones a unique resting place


Memorial Reefs are specially designed to strengthen reef habitats. They provide maximal surface area for coral growth as well as shelter for fish and other small marine animals.

Memorial Reefs

Starting at $2,999.00

Honor your loved ones with a unique final resting place. A Memorial Reef holds their cremated remains in an undersea artificial reef monument designed to support and restore marine life for centuries to come. Through this process, each individual will be part of a living legacy.


  • A Memorial Reef Monument
  • Interment of Cremains (Creation of a Jewel)
  • Bronze Memorial Marker (Custom Engraved)
  • Dedication of Memorial Reef (Unattended)
  • Certificate of Dedication with GPS coordinates and Nautical Map


A unique gift that can be purchased as a voucher for the future or at time of need. Great for the ocean enthusiast to celebrate birthdays, funerals, anniversaries, weddings, or corporate sponsored occasions. Create a living legacy by providing much needed ocean structure and turn a memorable occasion into a living legacy. You can use it to secure your own final wishes, or as a permanent resting place for loved ones and/or their pets. If this option is chosen Memorial Reefs will inter the cremated remains in an artificial reef structure available in two sizes. These create the core “jewel” which we affix to the inside of the Memorial Reef. All Memorials include a bronze marker custom-engraved with a personal message or epitaph.

The Memorial Reef and Voucher programs are designed to provide families with low-cost options to place one or more sets of cremated remains into an artificial reef structure which we call a Memorial Reef. Under these specific packages we only place memorials when we have a certain number Memorial Reefs ready to dedicate. As such, we cannot guarantee a specific dedication date, nor do we provide a viewing boat or celebration of life. Families wishing to participate in a planned dedication are encouraged to review our Memorial Gathering package.

*Location at time of voucher redemption is subject to available permits, please see the voucher terms and conditions for more information.

Poseidon Memorial - $2,999
(1 set of cremated remains)

Atlantis Memorial - $3,999
(Up to 2 sets of cremated remains)

Memorial Gathering

Starting at $4,999.00

Participate in a multi-day Memorial Gathering featuring the dedication of a Memorial Reef and Celebration of Life event.

Day 1- Jewel Making Ceremony
Gather with family and friends to inter your loved ones cremated remains within a Memorial Reef. Add small personal items, photos, or seashells to the memorial during this ceremony, provided they are nontoxic or biodegradable materials. Make rubbings of the bronze plaque as keepsakes and add personal chalk messages to the exterior of the memorial. The Jewel Making Ceremony is a two-hour event. Light refreshments are provided.

Day 2
On the second day you are free to experience the area, relax, and enjoy yourself. Spend time with friends and family appreciating what you love about the area, or explore new areas.

Day 3 – Dedication and Celebration of Life
Board a chartered vessel to witness the placement of the Memorial Reef into the Undersea Memorial Garden as loved ones cast flowers over the site and say words of remembrance.


  • A Memorial Reef Monument
  • Multi-day Event
  • Unlimited Attendees at Jewel-Making Ceremony
  • Custom Engraved Memorial Plaque
  • Chartered Boat with 4 Passengers to Witness Dedication at Sea ($125 per additional passenger)
  • Refreshments at Jewel and Boat Ceremonies
  • 2 Certificates of Dedication with GPS coordinates and Nautical Map


Poseidon Memorial - $4,999
(1 set of cremated remains)

Atlantis Memorial - $5,799
(Up to 2 sets of cremated remains)

We have a special Memorial Reef for your needs

Our Memorial Reefs are available in two sizes: Poseidon and Atlantis.

Memorial Reefs International has financing available.