We provide families and their loved ones a unique resting place


Memorial reefs are specially designed to strengthen reef habitats. They provide maximal surface area for coral growth as well as shelter for fish and other small marine animals.

*3% Service fee and applicable taxes not included

Discount may be available if paying by cash, check or e-check. This discount only available upon customer request. Written requests required to be sent to info@memorialreefs.international within 24 hours of signing contract and before payment has been processed.

Complete Care Option - as low as $4,995

Memorial Reefs International LLC™ can help you find the right provider to take care of all your needs when a loved one passes. MRI has entreated into partnerships with selected funeral homes in your area to provide a complete care solution for you. Call us today and let us connected you with one of our certified vendors who will provide their services for $1,995 when purchasing a Memorial Reef.

You can purchase a compete package price with our basic Memorial Reef for as little as $4,990. Memorial Reefs LLC™ also offers this service with our Memorial Celebration packages starting at $7,990. Please contact us today and we will arrange a phone consultation with one of our cremation specialist partners who can help you get started today.

All cremation services and all necessary documents provided by a licensed cremation specialist in your area. These services are provided directly to you under contract from the cremation provider. Please contact us for further details.

Now & When Program

Through our new Now & When offer, a Memorial Reef is placed Now during the individual’s life- time and later When the time is needed.

The first memorial will be outfitted with a ceramic plaque and the second memorial contains the ashes will come with a marine grade bronze marker, both bearing the information you choose. Families can opt to have a full ceremony, or have the monument placed by our team on their behalf. The first monument will not contain cremated remains but can immediately begin restoring our seas.

You will also get to choose wether you want to have the viewing boat and dinner ceremonies now when you still live or allow your loved ones to celebrate after your death.

Currently the Now & Later plan is available at all locations and dates. However, the there is a stipulation that if Memorial Reefs goes out of business in the future, your ashes will be placed in a ‘green’ cemetery provided by our partner Steelmantown Cemeteries.

Now & When - Frequently Asked Questions

1) Q: Why do customers choose the Now & When program?
A: Our Now & When program is unique in the fact that it allows those who have not yet passed away to experience their own celebrations with their loved ones. It also allows for the client to see marine life grow before they pass.

2) Q: Does the Now & When program include two ceremonies?
A: No. As with the Remembrance Gathering there is one Viewing Dedication and one Celebration of Life Dinner that you can choose to do during the first deployment or the second. However you may choose to pay for a second ceremony for your loved ones after you pass.

3) Q: How many guests are included in the Now & When program?
A: Your basic package includes yourself as well as 3 guests, more guests can be added for addition fees that vary by location.

We have a special Memorial Reef for your needs

Our Memorial Reefs are available in three sizes: Poseidon, Atlantis, and Oceanis.

Memorial reefs has financing available.