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Reef Balls are patented structures engineered to withstand current and wave action, facilitate new coral growth, and house an array of marine life.

The concrete used in their construction is specially formulated to have the same PH as sea water and is texturized to ensure coral polyps have an ideal landing pad for propagation. Reef Balls are constructed without metal rebar so they do not collapse when the metal disintegrates over time.

The hollow inverted dome shape and holes serve several purposes. First, this design allows currents to pass through and around the ball, keeping it from tumbling around the ocean floor. Depending on ocean conditions, different types of anchors are sometimes used. Second, the hollow and open nature of the ball allows marine life to take shelter, which is essential for maintaining fish populations in coral colonies. For us, these holes additionally serve as a vault for cremains to be encased for eternity.

This intuitive design allows for the natural growth of new corals and will be supplemented by polyps harvested from coral nurseries. We are working along side marine biologists and local scientists to study the progression of coral growth on our Reef Balls. We aim to provide not just a memorial, but a living specimen for marine biologists to use in their quest to remedy our global climate crisis.

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